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Cheesy Pops
28 June 2012 @ 05:16 pm
Hi Livejournal,

After 6 years of having you, I've decided to move on. From my prom days, til a year of transition after college, you have been a great companion. 

This is me letting go. I will miss you. </3
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Cheesy Pops
01 November 2011 @ 09:17 pm
In design, we use what you call a scale, a toblerone-lke measuring device that helps put our ideas into clear and concise drawings. As my years in college grew, the scale I used also went from a 1:25 M to a 1:1000 M, as the plates became bigger and more complicated.

Now that I started working, I am back to 1:1 M. Square one – that awkward stage where you feel that you don’t know anything but you should know something. However, it doesn’t need to be that bad. Going back to 1:1 also means you get to see your design go 1:1. Also, unlike school, I get to accept rakets that come along the way!

So I started small. Literally.



This is the bedroom of Kuya Steve. It’s only 2.7 M x 1.8 M, smaller than 1 parking slot of a typical car!


We opted for a loft-style type of bed, in order to accommodate various spaces (closet, shelves, desk, and plenty of storage).


Everything functional -- these steps function as shoe storage!

Sorry for the grainy pics. These were taken using a cellphone camera.
I’m happy it turned out all right, considering the restrictions we had (low ceiling, BUDGET, amount of space). Also, I didn’t really oversee its construction since his house is in Bicutan. It may seem uncomplicated, but as all design goes, nothing is really what it seems (plus, I don't want to bore you with my design-geek rambles).

What made me feel good about it is how my proposal is pretty close to the actual thing. You see, not all things you do in paper is what you get after construction. Usually, something changes -- they don’t consult you -- then your design gets ruined. This isn't really my first actual design project, but this is the first that I'm actually satisfied with. I had little expectations of this feeling furniture designer raket, but the result was clean and unpretentious like how I pictured it.

Work woes begone. Thank God for rakets to keep me creatively stimulated and (in)sane.
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Cheesy Pops
07 June 2011 @ 09:52 pm
Hello! I know I've been in denial for the 1st part of my summer. However, God is really good and He gave me an eventful time by the end of it. Here's what happened to me this summer 2011 :)

QT with PG loves :) Picnic at Sunken Garden!

with my kambal! Feel na feel namin ang picnic attire.

Luto-luto + picnic (AGAIN, i know :p), this time with my BFFs <3

at Steph's garage in Antipolo.

Beach trip with A2&friends! Laiya, Batangas.

Aldo, Jovi, Aaron & I represented ASAPhil-UP/the youth at the
Launching of the UN International Day for Biodiveristy.
That's us in front of Malacanang's heritage tree!

ASAPhil-UP won 3rd place in the ASEAN Champions of Biodiversity - Youth Category!

I spoke in front of the ASEAN reps. :) It was really a great experience! All the stress really paid off. It's quite teary remembering how the org once didn't have activities, funds, etc. -- and then now, we're standing in front of the ASEAN. 
ASAPhil-UP really makes me proud. ♥

with Kiko guy of Born to be WILD!
This feels more like graduation. :)

A trip to Cebu with Troy to celebrate our 6th yr anniv :) 

Our 1st stop was Bantayan Island which had the softest sand ever. It was like walking on powder!

It's best to go here if u want to relax. The weather was perfect when we came -- sunny/cloudy/windy :)
I love this place talaga.

We stayed at Kota Beach Resort

Food "market" at D'Jungle +  Danggit for breakfast! Yumm :D

Mactan Shrine. "We shall return"  :D

Cebu is also famous for making awesome guitars. 

Magellan's Cross

Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino! The interiors are so ornate. It's such a beautiful church!

Fort San Pedro + Casa Gorordo
We didn't have much pictures bec. our cam died on us on the 1st day. :( But we did other stuff too, like eat CNT lechon, go downtown Cebu (which looks like The Fort), the beach at Portofino Resort in Mactan island, and AQUANAUT + fish feeding!  :) 
This is my last summer as an official bum... I went to 5 job interviews & got to decide what I really need/want. I'm starting my internship tom & I will also be staying over at Lola's house in Blue Ridge bec. it's nearer to work. Gosh, I'm really getting old!!!

Nevertheless, I'm happy to have spent my summer well. ♥ Now, I'm looking fwd to brighter things ahead!
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Cheesy Pops
27 April 2011 @ 07:48 pm
I would like to share the write-up my kambal, Nix, made for me for our yearbook. She writes beautifully -- witty with a sense haha! Thanks so much Nix! Here it is!

Syempre kailangan may picture ko. :P

 It doesn’t take a lifetime of friendship to see that Grace has really big cheeks, or to notice that she is a looker. These you will realize—and maybe speak of—after just a few minutes with her. But, there are qualities of Grace that can take some time to learn too, and we’d rather they remain unspoken because as most would believe—some things are better left unsaid. And so we don’t tell that she has charisma as a leader. It’s obvious anyway. After all, she was elected president of ASAPHIL for a year and mobilized the organization to move to greater heights. We don’t bring up how she inspires others with her unwavering drive to succeed and innate talent for the arts, whether in drawing or singing. That it’s cool how she can be both a whimsical friend and a mature one who knocks some sense in you in times of need. And how it’s puzzling that her quiet brilliance doesn’t intimidate you at all, as she still maintains a charm that draws people to her despite her achievements. We don’t say all these; instead we just squeeze her plump, cute cheeks. And remain silently enamored.
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Cheesy Pops
03 March 2011 @ 10:38 pm

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Cheesy Pops
02 January 2011 @ 01:47 pm
I would like to share my notebook/planner addiction. Since college started, I always searched for quirky notebooks/planners. I'm very picky. It takes me around 2-3 visits and maybe 20-30minutes/visit to decide whether I want to buy it or not. My current stash includes an a4 size Moleskine for sketching and a lime green Monologue for my subjects. As for the planner, I went from Starbucks to teNeues, and last year my sister gave me a BDJ. It was soo girly, that I promised myself that I would get a more serious planner for 2011. :))

I opted to buy this simple yet pretty planner from FTLP. It's BW lang, pero ang ganda ng cover hehe! Kaso when I saw it, I only had enough money to go home. Good thing I didn't though,  cos mama gave me a planner that made me squeal with delight. :)) AS IN, super kilig moment. jazzybat was a witness!

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Cheesy Pops
02 October 2010 @ 10:47 am
7 days til Singapore.
7 effin' days of sheer torture.

SEVEN. SEVEN. SEVEN!!! hihihihi :))
Bring it on!
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Cheesy Pops
27 September 2010 @ 08:35 am
 *while trying on a semi-frilly purple dress*

Ma: Yan! Mas ok! Mukha kang teenager!

Me: ...Ma, 21 na ako. Mag-22 na.

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Cheesy Pops
01 August 2010 @ 02:26 pm
My love affair with Japanese food started when I first watched Sailormoon in grade school. It was fascinating to watch Usagi eat bec. she happily gobbles up so much rice, noodles and buns! Being an anime addict then, one of my friends gave me Pokemon chopsticks which I used  to eat Lucky Me noodles, or even the normal ulam we have at home. My first "exposure" to real Japanese food was Eleanor Nishiumi's Oh Tokyo! series that I often watched out of boredom. My first taste of Japanese cuisine was at Tokyo Tokyo, with Ate Mel (who's pregnant now BTW!!!) :)

After the many firsts, a flux of Japanese food establishments came after -- Kitaro, Teriyaki Boy, etc. The ginger-y & radish like taste of their sauces, plus the jap. mayonnaise makes me crave japanese cuisine over and over again. If you notice in my blog, I'm adventurous in tasting food! It's a big plus that Troy shares the same interest as I do. He's been craving Takoyaki (japanese octupus balls) since last month, and we tried various stalls and/or restaurants just to satisfy his craving. As in seryoso, para siyang naglilihi. We tried Samurai (not good!), Takoyaki in FCM (all cabbage), Ate Marie's in UP (puwede na), and Bubble Tea (masarap!). However, his craving doesn't stop. That's why we decided to try authentic Japanese takoyaki + more in Little Tokyo!

Entrance to Little Tokyo :)
(Little Tokyo is located at Chino Roces Ave (formerly Pasong Tamo). It's across Herald Suites & near Makati Cinema Square.)

The crowd: a mix of Filipino & Japanese!
Our first stop was Hana's which was, of course, the Takoyaki place! It was fun looking around cos everything was duh -- Japanese. :))  I actually watched Dragonball in Japanese. :)) The waitresses are Filipino though, so ordering won't be a problem. This isn't like Tony&Jackey, where the staff are Korean & you need to bring a picture so you can communicate clearly. :P

Takoyaki was made right outside their restaurant. :D~

"Feed me takoyaki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

TAKOYAKI nyumnyumnummm!!!
I love the dancing Bonito flakes! Each ball had a roll of octupus. The sauce had too much ginger for my liking, but it was countered by the sweet taste of the Japanese mayo. Each order of 6 pcs costs p120. Troy and I had 2 orders! We were half-full after this. Oh and it's really nice too, cos the restaurants in Little Tokyo do not have service charge. :) After the scrumptious Takoyaki, we went to Kagura, which was right beside Hana. The place was decorated with baseball bats, miniatures of players, etc. Even the TV was playing a baseball game!
Kagura is famous for its Okonomiyaki. Okonomi meaning "however you like it", and yaki meaning "grilled/cooked". Okonomiyaki is a Japanese cake that may be topped with whatever you wish. That includes veggies, bacon, shrimp, octupus, noodles, cheese, takoyaki/teriyaki sauce, and japanese mayo. It's like the Japanese version of a pizza. 

You can sit right across where the Okonomiyaki is being cooked  ♥

Pair it up with a bottle of Cerveza Negra! (p75) It's the best beer I ever tasted.

Shall we take a closer look? :P

We are turning Japanese.
Note to self: only order 1 plate of Takoyaki if eating Okonomiyaki after

The Okonomiyaki tasted a lot like Takoyaki, but  with less ginger. I think I would've appreciated it more if I ate less Takoyaki. :O Troy and I were so full after eating at Kagura. Binalak pa namin mag tig-isa nung una. Good thing the waitress warned us that the serving was already big & good for two. We strolled a bit just to get the food down our systems. It wasn't long before we discovered the Japanese grocery store outside Little Tokyo. We went around and saw random stuff! Pocky, My Milky, Unagi, Mochi, and YES, japanese ice cream :D :D :D We bought two pcs of ice cream! One was vanilla ice cream covered with Mochi, and the other one was vanilla ice cream with Monggo filling, all inside a Wafer/Waffle. :P
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Cheesy Pops
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